MetroWest Travel Program
Mansfield Youth Basketball Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 382, Mansfield, MA 02048

Beginning in the 4th grade, all players in grades 4-8 who have signed up for the MYBA are eligible to tryout for a spot
on a competitive travel team which the MYBA enters in the MetroWest Basketball League.  Parents and players are
asked to carefully assess their level of commitment to the game of basketball before joining a MetroWest team.  

Tryouts are conducted beginning in September for up to three nights of basketball skill and competition.  In general, the
MYBA selects an "A" team and a "B" team at each level.  The decision to have more or less at a given level is
dependent upon the number of players trying out, the relative competitiveness of the available players, and suitable
coaching candidates.  Those decisions are under the authority of the Vice-President of the MYBA.

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How MetroWest Teams Are Selected

Questions about how the players are selected for a MetroWest team are frequent.  The MYBA has a defined process in
place which, while not perfect, attempts to be as fair and objective as possible.  

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Interested in Coaching a  Team?

In preparation for the upcoming MetroWest Basketball season, the MYBA is seeking volunteer coaching candidates.
Last year the MYBA had 21 teams participate in the competitive travel programs (Boys and Girls Grade 4 through 8)
and this year we currently have head-coaching opportunities open and available for 4th grade girls and boys, and 5th
grade girls.

We seek coaches who are interested in development of youth teams and players at a competitive level. Candidates will
be evaluated on their coaching and youth development experience, training, and playing credentials as well as previous
MYBA service.

Candidates should understand that the time commitment for practice is typically one weeknight and one Saturday each
week.  Games will be played on Sundays.  Travel to other MetroWest communities is involved for at least half the
games played. Tournament play is voluntary but it is highly encouraged.

Interviews for vacant coaching positions will be held each year beginning in August  Coaches will be selected after all
interviews have been completed.

Team selection occurs mid to late September and practice begins in late October. Games begin in December and the
season ends typically the second week in March.

If you are interested in a rewarding volunteer coaching position and possess the time and the dedication to make a
difference, please send your credentials to Bruce Bouck, Vice President, MYBA at